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As a top-tier roofing service organization, we offer a whole host of roofing services that give us the depth of service to offer whatever our customer base needs. We are a full-service roofing company and we can bring

Types of Commercial Roofing Services we Offer

Shingle Roofing

One thing to know about shingle roofing is that it has been the most widely used roofing system for the last century or so. Suppose you are looking for a roofing system that you wouldn’t have to break the bank, shingle roofing ticks the box. Also, it would interest you to know that it is a relatively easy roofing system to install and replace if a fault occurs. Shingle roofs make it easier to get contractors who are willing to install these kinds of roofs. Although, it is always recommended to get a skilled or highly trained installer for the job. Getting the shingle roofs doesn’t pose many difficulties as retailers or even local distributors sell them.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs don’t pose much of a risk, especially when being installed. Hence, the labour is significantly reduced. The materials are not expensive, the complications are a lot lesser, and they can be installed daily without much stress. Plus, it is essential to know that if you need to have your roof replaced, then the re-roofing process is quick and less stressful. In addition, one stand-out value the flat roof contributes is to serve as an outdoor lounge space. This is usually helpful in narrow-looking compounds. These roofs are painless and also safer to carry out routine maintenance.

Metal Roofs

This roofing system has been on the market for a long time, making it an old commercial roofing system. The metal roofs can permit materials like aluminum, corrugated galvanized steel, and a couple of others. The metal roof can be installed on top of a roof already in place as it is very light in terms of its weight. To fight against rust or UV rays, a coating can be added to complete the process. The metal roofs can withstand high winds and not to mention snow as well. The metal roof comes with different colours and various materials, making the user spoilt for choice. If there is a fire outbreak, it will interest you to know that the metal panels do not easily give in to the fire and withstand anything thrown at it. Lastly, it is very energy efficient, being that it can be recycled.

TPO Roofing

The Thermoplastic polyolefin systems can cover flat roofs, being that it is made up of not just a reinforcing scrim but also a single layer of synthetics. The TPO roofing system has been gaining momentum and is widely known in commercial roofing systems. This single-ply membrane roof can last for over three decades if properly installed. The TPO is reflective, being that it is usually white. Lastly, the two types of single-ply membrane commercial roofs are; Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM) and Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO). What makes these two different is their energy efficiencies as well as their chemical makeup.

Roof Installs and Replacement

It’s important to trust the organization you’re working with when something as pivotal as a roof is involved. We know that many organizations offer roofing services without having the depth of service to really know every aspect of roofing as we do.

We offer whatever roofing services you need, but we pride ourselves on our installations and replacements. Whether your old roof is feeling its age or you’re a new build looking for that quality roof that will last you for years, we can offer you a roof that is the highest quality at a very affordable price.

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Prompt Service

We offer fast responses from our scheduling team and prompt service to all our valued customers. We also use a unique scheduling strategy that puts our team on-site for jobs quickly and through their expert estimates, we move quickly through our job list to get through our waiting list quickly. In simple terms, we are able to serve you more quickly than almost any other roofing company with our customer base.

Price First

There’s nothing hidden about our pricing structure. Our estimates are set in stone and represent the actual cost of your finished roofing services. The reason this is so important to us is that we know that having a happy customer base has led to our success, so we’re always putting our customers first to keep this up.

Safety AND Efficiency

Our team members love working for us because we value them so highly and put their safety first. Our customers love us because we focus on efficiencies to make sure our roofing jobs go quickly and are completed to the highest standard of quality. That’s our single overriding planning objective, and we consider it with everything we do.