The "leads" are homeowners actively (within the last 24 hours) comparing their current electricy bills with what it would cost to have a solar roof installed. The reason for the leads being this cheap is because these individuals have not requested to be contacted by a solar company.

Because of the sensitivity of the data and privacy laws, this data will only be made available to select partners via invite only. All partners will be fully vetted and expected to sign very strict NDAs.

*We reserve the right to only work with prefered partners and remove partners that abuse our data.

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Competitive Pricing

We have the best cost per lead on the market. You can get a 500%+ ROI even with sub 5% conversion rates.

Quality Data

We'll give you a list of homeowners that within the last 24 hours compared their electricity bills with the cost of installing solar in their home.


You cannot get this data anywhere else. We have an exclusive partnership with a publicly traded company that has exclusive access to this data.